Weekly Summary/2017/June 5th

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A summary of competitive Rocket League news and events for the week of June 5th, 2017.

Roster News

June 5th
News Label - Europe.png Rexlogo std.pngRex Classic' leaves.
June 8th
News Label - Europe.png Comradelogo std.pngComrade Acquires Logo std2.png Inception (EU Team) roster. KingFisher, Xenon, and ZazzriDH join.
News Label - Europe.png Methodlogo std.pngMethod Acquires Logo std2.png Element roster. al0t, Metsanauris, and Mognus join.
News Label - North America.png NDlogo std.pngND Stev leaves.
June 9th
News Label - Europe.png Comradelogo std.pngComrade OSP joins as a coach.
News Label - North America.png Empyreallogo std.pngEMP Acquires V Sweeplogo std.png Vertical Sweep roster. MD22, The_Marshal, RunningCatDog, and loconate join.
June 10th
News Label - Oceania.png CVDlogo std.pngCVD Team disbands. Daze, Plitz, Siki, and SSteve leave.
News Label - Oceania.png SSUlogo std.pngSSU Untouchable_Gilly leaves.
News Label - Oceania.png Sandlogo std.pngSand Kia leaves.
News Label - Oceania.png Drongoslogo std.pngDrongos xkorez joins.
News Label - Oceania.png MGClogo std.pngMGC Lukorice and Greeny leave. Kia and ZeN join with Requiem moving to substitute.
News Label - Oceania.png Logo std2.pngOth Team Team forms. ellusive, cyrix, and Siki join.
June 11th
News Label - Europe.png CNlogo std.pngCN Rix_Ronday leaves.
News Label - Europe.png Mock-Itlogo std.pngMock-It Kaydop leaves.
News Label - Europe.png GFElogo std.pngGFE Kaydop joins.

Tournament History

Week of Jun 05 2017
Date Event Winning Team Winning Roster Prize
Mon Jun 05 Boost Legacy 1v1 Weekly #20 Soloplay.png Solo AyyJayy $ 40
Tue Jun 06 Gfinity Rocket League - June 6th Logo std2.png ARRGGGHHHH BlueySebadam £ 60
Tue Jun 06 Mythical CARuption Weekly #35 Logo std2.png Mach 3 Despair CobraHossbossfcSalvao2000Will4thewin $ 45
Tue Jun 06 Nexus Gaming 1v1 Weekly #13 Soloplay.png Solo Killerican $ 50
Tue Jun 06 2KF1 Tuesdays Weekly #11 Drongoslogo std.png The Drongos CJCJDreamehxkorez $ 34.91
Wed Jun 07 Boost Legacy 3v3 Weekly #20 Logo std2.png Here Goes Nothing CS3LefticleSigma $ 90
Wed Jun 07 Gfinity Rocket League - June 7th Logo std2.png R u srs GimmickNappSquishyMuffinz £ 150
Wed Jun 07 Nexus Gaming 2v2 Weekly #23 Logo std2.png 5 Minute Mile LemonpuppyPluto $ 100
Thu Jun 08 Rewind Gaming Exclusive #9 Soloplay.png Solo Sebadam $ 50
Thu Jun 08 Mythical Opera Weekly #39 Logo std2.png Goats AyyJayyJorolelin $ 50
Thu Jun 08 Pale Horse Alpha Cup #5 Logo std2.png wwdd? AddzeyDumboSnarfSnarf $ 185 AUD
Fri Jun 09 Gfinity Rocket League - June 9th GFElogo std.png Gale Force eSports KaydopTurbopolsaViolentPanda £ 200
Fri Jun 09 SPL: Battlecar Pacifica Revivallogo std.png Revival ChromeDappurDarkFire $ 300
Fri Jun 09 Gfinity Rocket League - June 9th Logo std2.png dunder miffin PrimeThunderWonder £ 60
Fri Jun 09 Boost Legacy 2v2 Weekly #20 DatZitlogo std.png DatZit Gaming TarocoYungFalafel $ 40
Fri Jun 09 Vapour eSports FNL Weekly #16 Logo std2.png Deus Inferos CurtoDeckaSpiral $ 40.50
Sat Jun 10 ESL Go4RL OCE May 2017 Final SSUlogo std.png SSU eSports blu3yObeBlueeSammy
Sat Jun 10 ESL Go4RL SAM May 2017 Final Lotuslogo std.png Lotus FirefoxHaberkamperrJuan_
Sat Jun 10 Rewind Gaming Weekly #19 Logo std2.png Bread DeviixLocrianMario $ 45
Sat Jun 10 Nexus Gaming 3v3 Weekly #27 Logo std2.png Big boi Business GimmickMosesTimi $ 150
Sat Jun 10 Metacup Series 2v2 #20 Logo std2.png One Hit Wonders Terr4bitexkoeckiiej € 60
Sat Jun 10 PRL EU 3v3 Rivals Cup #13 Infusedlogo std.png Team Infused BlueyEyeIgniteSebadam $ 150
Sun Jun 11 ESL Go4RL EU Cup #98 Logo std2.png Miscelators NaruOrdinalRatty € 150
Sun Jun 11 ESL Go4RL OCE Cup #37 Sandlogo std.png Sand Castle aoe_empDumboSnarfSnarf $ 100
Sun Jun 11 ESL Go4RL SAM Cup #36 Lotuslogo std.png Lotus FirefoxHaberkamperrJuan_ $ 100
Sun Jun 11 ESL Go4RL NA Cup #74 Logo std2.png The Muffin Men GimmickKlassuxTorment € 150
Sun Jun 11 RLO 3v3 Weekly #50 Logo std2.png DJX DazeJulzxkorez $ 90
Sun Jun 11 PRL 2v2 Rivals Cup #29 Logo std2.png Melodrama EPICJonnyKerupt $ 100