Weekly Summary/2017/January 9th

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A summary of competitive Rocket League news and events for the week of January 9th, 2017.

Roster News

January 14th
News Label - Europe.png RNG EUlogo std.pngRNG EU Ryuu joins as a coach.
News Label - Europe.png Free Agentlogo std.pngFree Agent Gontho retires.
January 13th
News Label - Europe.png Aelogo std.pngAe Secrecylogo std.png Team Secrecy acquires roster. Continuum, Metsanauris, Mognus, and Lunation leave.
News Label - Europe.png Secrecylogo std.pngSecrecy Acquires Aelogo std.png Aeriality roster. Continuum, Metsanauris, Mognus, and Lunation join.
News Label - Europe.png VCFlogo std.pngVCF Maíllo joins.
News Label - Europe.png ENJOYlogo std.pngENJOY Gnagflow06 and Classic' leave.
News Label - North America.png Voxilitylogo std.pngVoxility Team forms. Vequafied, September, DragonFury95, and ORYX join.
January 10th
News Label - North America.png NRGlogo std.pngNRG SadJunior leaves. GarrettG joins.
January 9th
News Label - Europe.png Logo std2.pngAces Deevo leaves.
News Label - Europe.png NGlogo std.pngNG miztik leaves. Deevo joins.
News Label - Europe.png LEAFlogo std.pngLEAF mewy leaves and takes a break from competitive.
News Label - International.png
Psyonixlogo square.png
Patch v1.27 is released.

Tournament History

Week of Jan 09 2017
Date Event Winning Team Winning Roster Prize
Mon Jan 09 Gfinity Rocket League - January 9th F3logo std.png FlipSid3 Tactics gReazykuxir97Markydooda £ 100
Mon Jan 09 ESL Go4RL EU December 2016 Final Logo std2.png Get Wigglytuff'd Fairy PeakKaydopViolentPanda € 350
Mon Jan 09 PRL TRRTLZ Tournament Selflesslogo std.png Selfless Gaming HotWheelsSidMijoMoses $ 150
Tue Jan 10 Gfinity Rocket League - January 10th Logo std2.png dolan trump JessiePwndx £ 60
Tue Jan 10 Mythical CARuption Weekly #14 Logo std2.png One Pinch Cars ColemanAKing WizardKuunalem $ 45
Wed Jan 11 Nexus Gaming 2v2 Weekly #2 Logo std2.png Colors Aj16HadABradDay $ 100
Wed Jan 11 Metacup Series 2v2 #1 Logo std2.png Get Wigglytuff'd BombAFairy Peak € 40
Wed Jan 11 Gfinity Rocket League - January 11th Atelierlogo std.png Atelier MattSizzTurtle £ 100
Thu Jan 12 Gfinity Rocket League - January 12th F3logo std.png FlipSid3 Tactics gReazyMarkydooda £ 60
Thu Jan 12 SPL Europe Weekly #5 Logo std2.png Ascending Aerials GodsmillaJaylessSatthew $ 30
Thu Jan 12 PRL 1v1 Rivals Cup #12 Soloplay.png Solo Fairy Peak $ 50
Fri Jan 13 SPL North America Weekly #20 G2logo std.png G2 Esports CorruptedGKronoviRizzo $ 70
Fri Jan 13 HYPE Oceania 2017 Weekly #1 Sydneylogo std.png Alpha Sydney DrippayJake the TyrantTorsos $ 100
Fri Jan 13 Gfinity Rocket League - January 13th NRGlogo std.png NRG Esports FireburnerGarrettGJacob £ 100
Fri Jan 13 Gfinity Rocket League - January 13th NGlogo std.png Northern Gaming DeevoMaestroremkoe £ 200
Sat Jan 14 Lone Star Rocket LAN Logo std2.png Texas Twisters AmongStarTyrus $ 815
Sat Jan 14 Nexus Gaming 3v3 Weekly #9 T3logo std.png Take 3 InsolencesRizzoZanejackey $ 150
Sat Jan 14 Rewind Gaming Weekly #1 Logo std2.png Yoghurt BombABrekerIkewolf $ 15
Sun Jan 15 ESL Go4RL SAM Cup #16 NoXlogo std.png NoX Gaming CaioTG1Lancek1ngZe $ 100
Sun Jan 15 Chicago RL Shootout! LAN Logo std2.png Spare Me HuskihPluto $
Sun Jan 15 ESL Go4RL EU Cup #77 Logo std2.png Baguette's Fairy PeakKaydopSnaski € 150
Sun Jan 15 RL Oceania 3v3 #30 1Morelogo std.png 1More cyrixExpressRequiem $ 30 AUD
Sun Jan 15 PRL 2v2 Rivals Cup #14 PZlogo std.png Precision Z Fairy PeakKaydop $ 100
Sun Jan 15 ESL Go4RL OCE Cup #16 AthBHlogo std.png Athletico Brotherhood BangoMontyconnorSnarfSnarf $ 100
Sun Jan 15 ESL Go4RL NA Cup #66 Logo std2.png Happy Tree Friends DarkFireKlassuxSadJunior $ 150