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Take The Shot Monthly #1 Qualifier
League Information
Organizer: ShowDownGG
Sponsor: Twitch
Event Tier: Qualifier
Location: North America North America
Format: Single Elimination
Platform: PC & PS4
Mode: 3v3
Date: 2017-01-20
Links: Website
Stream: Twitch
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  • 8 Double Elimination Pools
  • Winner's Side matches are best-of-five
  • Loser's Side matches are best-of-three
  • Winning team from each pool advances to the Monthly Finals

Prize Pool

Place Prize Team Roster
Qualified.png Q Monthly Finals Logo std2.png Bench Squad DarkFireKlassuxSadJunior
G2logo std.png G2 Esports JKnapsKronoviRizzo
NRGlogo std.png NRG Esports FireburnerGarrettGJacob
T3logo std.png Take 31 EspeonInsolencesZanejackey
Selflesslogo std.png Selfless Gaming HotWheelsSidMijoMoses
Irislogo std.png Team Iris LachinioSquishyMuffinzTorment
EQuinoxlogo std.png eQuinox ChromeCorruptedGLethamyr
Atelierlogo std.png Atelier2 MattSizzTurtle
1Take 3 played under Cheek Clappers for this tournament.
2Atelier played under TBA for this tournament.


Only the grand finals of each pool are shown. For the full results visit the tournament page here

Pool 1

  Grand Final
   NRGlogo std.png NRG 3
   2 EZlogo std.png 2 EZ 0

Pool 2

  Grand Final
   Irislogo std.png Iris 3
   Logo std2.png Super 0

Pool 3

  Grand Final
   Logo std2.png Bench Squad 3
   Logo std2.png We hate 0

Pool 4

  Grand Final
   EQuinoxlogo std.png eQuinox 3
   Eggplantlogo std.png Eggplant 0

Pool 5

  Grand Final
   G2logo std.png G2 3
   New Eralogo std.png New Era 1

Pool 6

  Grand Final
   Selflesslogo std.png Selfless 3
   Logo std2.png Bork in Peace 0

Pool 7

  Grand Final
   Atelierlogo std.png Atelier 3
   HOTlogo std.png HOT 2

Pool 8

  Grand Final
   T3logo std.png T3 3
   Logo std2.png Come on, Guy. 1

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