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Season 2

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  • North America
  • Europe
  • Oceania
  • International
  • RLCS
Dec 3rd - Dec 4th 2016
  • Winners Bracket
  • Losers Bracket
  • Grand Final

  Grand Final
   Mock-Itlogo std.png Mock A 1 1
   F3logo std.png F3 4 4
Latest News
January 19th
News Label - Europe.png PENTAlogo std.pngPENTA Team disbands. FreaKii, Pwndx, and Killerno7 leave.
News Label - Europe.png Logo std2.pngAces FreaKii joins.
News Label - Europe.png Logo std2.pngSilly Geese Team forms. BicycleThief, PetricK, and Shikuni join.
News Label - North America.png Irislogo std.pngIris Gimmick joins as a substitute.
January 16th
News Label - North America.png Logo std2.pngFPM Team reforms. Grouchy and Hunter join. Fatality joins as a substitute.
News Label - Europe.png Renegadeslogo std.pngRenegades Noir1992 joins as a substitute.
News Label - Europe.png PXlogo std.pngPX Alex161 leaves.
News Label - Europe.png PMKlogo std.pngPMK Team disbands. Itsulen, Heectoor7, Espumita and xXKhaelanXx leave.
News Label - North America.png Voxilitylogo std.pngVoxility Team forms. Vequafied, September, DragonFury95, HeFty, and ORYX join.
January 15th
News Label - North America.png
Gold.png Logo std2.png Spare Me Silver.png Logo std2.png Colors in ChicagoRL Shootout! LAN.
January 14th
News Label - North America.png
Gold.png Logo std2.png Texas Twisters Silver.png Logo std2.png The Root'n'est Toot'n'est Cowboys in TXRL Lone Star Rocket LAN.
News Label - Europe.png Renegadeslogo std.pngRenegades Ryuu joins as a coach.
News Label - Europe.png Free Agentlogo std.pngFree Agent Gontho retires.
January 13th
News Label - North America.png Insomnialogo std.pngInsomnia Lethamyr joins.
News Label - Europe.png Aelogo std.pngAe Secrecylogo std.png Team Secrecy acquires roster. Continuum, Metsanauris, Mognus, and Lunation leave.

Upcoming Matches
Tournament Match Countdown
Tournaments Power Rankings
Beyond Entertainment.png
Jan 31
  Beyond ASTRONAUTS #1
Jan 30 - Feb 13
  HEYGRL Summer 17 Group Stage
Jan 29
  The Twelve Titans
Jan 29
  Throwdown S1 Qualifier 2
Jan 22
  Throwdown S1 Qualifier 1
Jan 20
  HEYGRL Summer 17 Qualifier
Jan 20
  Take The Shot Monthly #1 Qualifier
Leaf eSportslogo square.png  
Jan 14 - Feb 18
  Leaf League S1 Div 1
Leaf eSportslogo square.png  
Jan 14 - Feb 18
  Leaf League S1 Div 2
Jan 15
  Shootout! LAN
Jan 14
  Lone Star Rocket LAN
Jan 9
  ESL EU December Finals
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  • NA
  • EU
  • OCE
  • SAM
Place Team
1 F3logo std.png FlipSid3 Tactics
2 NGlogo std.png Northern Gaming
3 PENTAlogo std.png PENTA Sports
4 Logo std2.png Aces
5 Secrecylogo std.png Team Secrecy
6 Logo std2.png Supah Hot Fiyah
7 LEAFlogo std.png Leaf eSports
8 RElogo std.png Red Eye
9 PXlogo std.png ParallaX
10 Solidlogo std.png Team Solid
For a complete history of the Power Rankings click here