ESL/AUNZ Championship/2017/Season 1/Open Qualifier 1

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ESL AU & NZ S1 Open Qualifier 1
League Information
Organizer: ESL
Event Tier: Qualifier
Location: Australia Australia
Format: Double Elimination
Mode: 3v3
Date: 2017-02-19
Links: Website
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  • Open qualifier for all teams
  • Double Elimination Bracket
  • Top two teams move on to the Finals

Prize Pool

Place Prize Team Roster
Gold.png 1st Finals CVDlogo std.png Corvidae PlitzinatorSikiSSteve
Silver.png 2nd Finals Sydneylogo std.png Alpha Sydney DrippayJake the TyrantTorsos
Bronze.png 3rd Rejectslogo std.png The Rejects AddzeyGreenyORION
Copper.png 4th Tridentlogo std.png Trident Esports CJCJDreamehObeBluee
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  Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4 Grand Final
Winner's bracket
  1Morelogo std.png 1More 3
  Logo std2.png Feint 0
  1Morelogo std.png 1More 1
  CVDlogo std.png CVD 3
  CVDlogo std.png CVD 3
  Logo std2.png Nostalgic killers 0
  CVDlogo std.png CVD 2
  Sydneylogo std.png Sydney
  Logo std2.png Won Moar 3
  Logo std2.png Shift 0
  Logo std2.png Won Moar 0
  Sydneylogo std.png Sydney 3
  Logo std2.png White Cloud 1   Sydneylogo std.png Sydney FF
  Sydneylogo std.png Sydney 3   CVDlogo std.png CVD W
Loser's bracket
  Logo std2.png Won Moar 1
  Logo std2.png Nostalgic killers 0
  Tridentlogo std.png Trident 3   CVDlogo std.png CVD
  Tridentlogo std.png Trident 3   Tridentlogo std.png Trident 1
  Rejectslogo std.png Rejects 1
  Rejectslogo std.png Rejects 3
  1Morelogo std.png 1More 1
  Logo std2.png Nameless 0
  Rejectslogo std.png Rejects 3
  Rejectslogo std.png Rejects 3

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