Copenhagen Flames

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Copenhagen Flames
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Team Information
Location: Denmark Denmark
Managers: Lasse "Fuzz" Geugjes
Sponsor(s): Elgiganten
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Created: 2016-10-30
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Copenhagen Flames is a European team.



  • 2017
  • 2016

Player Roster


C ID Name Role
Denmark Waffle Oliver Winther 11 Starter
Denmark Bække Nicolaj Bække 11 Starter
Denmark Abeogand Jeppe Skou Nielsen 11 Starter
Denmark Fuzz Lasse Geugjes 03 Substitute


C ID Name Role Next Team Joined Left
Denmark HanseN Jesper Hansen 11 Starter Sørbylogo std.png Sørby eSport 2016-11-28 2017-02-01


C ID Name Position
Denmark Thomsen Steffen Thomsen Owner
Denmark Smokie Kasper Schmidt Johansen Co-Owner
Denmark Fuzz Lasse Geugjes Manager

Team Achievements

Team Achievements
Date Place Event Roster Winnings
2017-04-22 A22nd PRL EU 3v3 Rivals Cup #6 AbeogandBækkeWaffle
2017-04-14 A55 - 8th Gfinity Rocket League - April 14th BækkeLautyWaffle
2017-04-09 A44th ESL Go4RL EU Cup #89 AbeogandBækkeWaffle
2017-03-29 A55 - 8th Metacup Series 3v3 #9 AbeogandBækkeFuzzWaffle
2017-03-26 A33rd ESL Go4RL EU Cup #87 AbeogandBækkeWaffle
2017-03-18 A33 - 4th PRL EU 3v3 Rivals Cup #1 AbeogandBækkeWaffle
2017-03-17 A33rd Season 3 EU RLCS Tiebreaker Playoff AbeogandBækkeWaffle
2017-03-12 A99 - 12th Season 3 EU RLCS Open Qualifier AbeogandBækkeWaffle
2017-02-18 A55th Leaf League Season 1 - Division 1 AbeogandBækkeWaffle € 80
2017-01-09 A33rd ESL Go4RL EU December 2016 Final BækkeHanseNWaffle
2017-01-08 A11st MGL Season 3 Group Stage BækkeHanseNWaffle $ 150
2017-01-07 A66 - 12th Leaf League Seeding Tournament BækkeHanseNWaffle
2017-01-07 A11st MGL Season 3 Group Finals BaekkeHanseNWaffle
2017-01-02 A11st MGL Season 3 Group Stage BækkeHanseNWaffle
2016-12-23 A55 - 8th ESL Go4RL EU Cup #74 BækkeHanseNWaffle
2016-12-18 A33rd ESL Go4RL EU Cup #73 BækkeHanseNWaffle
2016-11-28 A22nd Metacup Series Elite #6 BækkeFuzzHanseNWaffle € 60
Total earnings:
    • EUR 140
    • USD 150


Power Rankings

8th-place rankings: 1 (2017-02-21)

10th-place rankings: 2 (2017-03-17 • 2017-02-07)

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