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Players Born in Canada

IDReal NameTeamCountryStream
AirRejectzSean YogesNexuslogo std.png Nexus GamingCanada Canada
AraussiMike AraussiEanixlogo std.png EanixCanada Canada
CorruptedGGabriel VallozziMythlogo std.png Myth GamingCanada Canada
DareyckLIFElogo std.png LIFECanada Canada
DoobleTanner ToupinCanada Canada
DudeWithTheNoseTrevor HannahCanada Canada
DylstroyerDylan VanoostwaardLogo std2.png Bishop GormanCanada Canada
EvehMathieu SavardCanada Canada
HotWheelsSidChandler HigdonOhanalogo std.png OhanaCanada Canada
JKnapsJacob KnapmanG2logo std.png G2 EsportsCanada Canada
LachinioBrandon LachinMythlogo std.png Myth GamingCanada Canada
LethamyrTreyven RobitailleGENlogo std.png GenesisCanada Canada
PyreKasl JamesCanada Canada
SadJuniorKais ZehriMythlogo std.png Myth GamingCanada Canada
SpeedyWalrusEric MOSlogo std.png Onslaught eSportsCanada Canada
SpiritJeremy SmithCanada Canada
SquishyMuffinzMariano ArrudaLogo std2.png Cloud9Canada Canada
TimiTimi FalodunRNGlogo std.png RenegadesCanada Canada
ZolhayZoli DignessLogo std2.png Fibeon eSportsCanada Canada

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