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Season 3

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  • North America
  • Europe
  • Oceania
  • Throwdown S2
May 21st 2017

  Round 1 Round 2 Grand Final
Winner's bracket
  Sydneylogo std.png Sydney 3
  1Morelogo std.png 1More 1
  Sydneylogo std.png Sydney
  Sandlogo std.png Sand 3
  JAMlogo std.png JAM 1
  Sandlogo std.png Sand 3
  Sydneylogo std.png Sydney 4
  JAMlogo std.png JAM 2
Loser's bracket
  Sandlogo std.png Sand 3
  1Morelogo std.png 1More 2
  JAMlogo std.png JAM
  JAMlogo std.png JAM 3

Latest News
Summary of roster news and tournament results for the week of May 15th
May 23rd
News Label - Oceania.png LGClogo std.pngLGC eren leaves and retires from competitive play. GroovyGrape moves to substitute.
May 21st
News Label - Europe.png X6logo std.pngx6 Heectoor7 leaves.
May 20th
News Label - Europe.png
Gamer No small.png
Gold.png Logo std2.png Kartoflerne Silver.png Logo std2.png Gutta Boyz in Telenorligaen Spring 2017 Playoffs.
News Label - Europe.png
Gold.png Logo std2.png iDomina Creepex Silver.png Logo std2.png Miscelators in Rocket League Premier Circuit LAN Finals.
News Label - Europe.png
Gold.png Logo std2.png Les joueurs Francais Silver.png PENTAlogo std.png PENTA Sports in XTRA Cup Finals.
May 19th
News Label - Europe.png VCFlogo std.pngVCF Teams disbands. de Boer, Kael, and Alex35351 leave.
May 18th
News Label - Europe.png GFElogo std.pngGFE paschy90 and Chausette45 leave.
May 17th
News Label - North America.png Free Agentlogo std.pngFree Agent DarkFire returns to competitive play.
News Label - Oceania.png Drongoslogo std.pngDrongos Team reforms after parting ways with Tridentlogo std.png Trident Esports. Dreameh, CJCJ, Julz, and Madz join.
News Label - Oceania.png Tridentlogo std.pngTrident SToRMCLoRD leaves.
May 16th
News Label - North America.png Logo std2.pngApplesauce Team forms. Chicago, Hato, and zolhay join.
May 14th
News Label - International.png
Gold.png Europe Silver.png US West in Gold Rush.

Upcoming Matches
Tournament Match Countdown
MCS Finals Europe Bracket
OTP Logo std2.png vs PKDlogo std.png PKD
TGX RLP S2 Playoffs
eMz PC EMzlogo std.png vs ASESlogo std.png ASES
MCS Finals Europe Bracket
Infused Infusedlogo std.png vs Enterlogo std.png Enter
TGX RLP S2 Playoffs
x6 X6logo std.png vs HKzlogo std.png HKz
MCS Finals Europe Bracket LR1
MCS Finals Europe Bracket WR2
MCS Finals Americas Bracket
Iris Irislogo std.png vs NDlogo std.png ND
MCS Finals Americas Bracket
Nexus Nexuslogo std.png vs Ohanalogo std.png Ohana
MCS Finals Americas Bracket LR1
MCS Finals Americas Bracket WR2
MCS Finals Europe Bracket LR2
TGX RLP S2 Playoffs Finals
MCS Finals Europe Bracket GF
MCS Finals Americas Bracket LR1
MCS Finals Americas Bracket GF
For all upcoming matches click here
Tournaments Power Rankings
Jun 2 - Jun 4
  RLCS S3 World Championship
May 27 - May 28
  RLP S2 Playoffs
May 27 - May 28
  MCS Finals
May 25
  RLP S2 Div 1 Promotion
May 24
  RLP S2 Div 2 Promotion
May 22
  PRL/Retrograde Charity Cup
May 21
  Throwdown S2 Championship
Gamer No small.png
May 20
  Telenorligaen Spring Playoffs
May 20
  RLPC LAN Finals
May 20
  XTRA Cup Finals
Mar 20 - May 20
  RLP S2 Division 2
Mar 22 - May 18
  RLP S2 Division 1
May 13
  ESL OCE April 2017 Finals
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  • NA
  • EU
  • OCE
  • SAM
Place Team
1 Mock-Itlogo std.png Mock-It eSports
2 F3logo std.png FlipSid3 Tactics
3 NGlogo std.png Northern Gaming
4 Leftoverslogo std.png The Leftovers
5 GFElogo std.png Gale Force eSports
6 Resonantlogo std.png Resonant Esports
7 PENTAlogo std.png PENTA Sports
7 Infusedlogo std.png Team Infused
9 PKDlogo std.png Planetkey Dynamics
10 Logo std2.png OneTrickPony
For a complete history of the Power Rankings click here