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  • RLCS
World Championship
Jun 2nd - Jun 4th 2017
  • Winners Bracket
  • Losers Bracket
  • Final Bracket

From Winners Bracket
Grand Final
  Mock-Itlogo std.png Mock-It 4
  Mock-Itlogo std.png Mock-It 2 3
  NRGlogo std.png NRG 3
  NGlogo std.png NG 4 4
  NRGlogo std.png NRG 1
From Losers Bracket
  NGlogo std.png NG 4
  NGlogo std.png NG 3
  Leftoverslogo std.png Leftovers 0
Latest News
Summary of roster news and tournament results for the week of Jun 5th
July 18th
News Label - North America.png Mythlogo std.pngMyth Team forms. CorruptedG, Lachinio and SadJunior join.
News Label - North America.png RNGlogo std.pngRNG Team forms. Dappur, Timi, Moses and Mijo join.
July 16th
News Label - North America.png
X Games logo.png
X Games
Gold.png NRGlogo std.png NRG Esports Silver.png GFElogo std.png Gale Force eSports in FACEIT X Games Invitational 2017.
July 10th
News Label - Europe.png F3logo std.pngF3 Miztik joins.
July 9th
News Label - Europe.png
Gold.png GFElogo std.png Gale Force eSports Silver.png NVlogo std.png Team EnVyUs in Brisk 7-Eleven RLCS Summer Series #2.
July 7th
News Label - Europe.png NVlogo std.pngnV Mout, Sacred and Friis join for Gfinity Elite Series S1.
News Label - Oceania.png Sydneylogo std.pngSydney Team disbands. Jake the Tyrant, Drippay, and Torsos leave.
July 6th
News Label - Europe.png F3logo std.pngF3 gReazy leaves.
July 1st
News Label - North America.png DNLlogo std.pngDNL Team disbands. CorruptedG, SadJunior, Lethamyr, and Fireworks leave.
News Label - North America.png GENlogo std.pngGenesis Insolences and Low5ive leave. Lethamyr and JWismont join.
News Label - North America.png Logo std2.pngFibeon eSports Acquires Logo std2.png Applesauce roster. Chicago, Hato, and zolhay join.
June 30th
News Label - Europe.png Logo std2.pngWeDemMois Team forms. JHZER, Chausette45, and Krazack join.
News Label - Europe.png PENTAlogo std.pngPENTA Killerno7 leaves.
June 23rd
News Label - Europe.png Epsilonlogo std.pngEpsilon Team forms. Alex161, Data and Reepex join.

Upcoming Matches
Tournament Match Countdown
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Tournaments Power Rankings
Dreamhack logo small.png  
Jul 21 - Jul 23
  DreamHack Atlanta 2017
Jul 9 - Sep 3
  Gfinity Elite Series S1
May 26 - ???
  SugarLAN v11.0
X Games logo.png  
Jul 14 - Jul 16
  FACEIT X Games Invitational 2017
Jul 9
  RLCS Summer Series #2
Jun 25
  RLCS Summer Series #1
Dreamhack logo small.png  
Jun 17 - Jun 18
  DreamHack Summer 2017
Jun 12
  ESL EU May 2017 Finals
Jun 10
  ESL SAM May 2017 Finals
Jun 10
  ESL OCE May 2017 Finals
Jun 9
  Battlecar Pacifica
Jun 2 - Jun 4
  RLCS S3 World Championship
May 27 - Jun 2
  Rocket Street Champions S1
May 27 - May 28
  RLP S2 Playoffs
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  • EU
  • OCE
  • SAM
Place Team
1 Sydneylogo std.png Alpha Sydney
2 JAMlogo std.png JAM Gaming
3 Sandlogo std.png Sand Castle
4 Logo std2.png The Other Team
5 CVDlogo std.png Corvidae
6 MGClogo std.png Masterminds
7 Drongoslogo std.png The Drongos
8 Scyllalogo std.png Scylla Esports
9 SSUlogo std.png SSU eSports
10 Logo std2.png Deus Inferos
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